Michael Jackson Personality Type ISFP

Michael Jackson Personality Type - ISFP
Michael Jackson ISFP Personality Type


Typing Michael Jackson is a huge undertaking – he’s got such vast timeline of memorable performances, interviews and songs I grew up with. There are way too many classics to name here but just to name a few – “Beat it”, “Billie Jean” and “I’ll be there” were a few of my faves (a few? no I didn’t mean a few, way too many to name as mentioned). I even enjoyed watching his movies – “Moonwalker” and if you’ve been around long enough – “Captain EO”.

Okay, let’s get to it and jot down what we do know. Michael is an I, x, F, P. That “x” placeholder is a huge question mark, sources are split down the middle between an INFP and an ISFP. I’ve been swinging back and forth with the two possibilities myself.

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Elon Musk Personality Type – INTP

Elon Musk Personality Type - INTP
Elon Musk INTP Personality Type


I’ve been itching to write a post about Elon Musk for a while now. Particularly because there’s been so much buzz circulating this what people call “The Tony Stark” of this modern age. From Tesla, to Solar City to Spacex – this guy has his hands in everything. Let’s not forget about HyperLoop, a bullet train that said to transport humans from San Diego to San Francisco in roughly an hours time.

Elon is an interesting character to cover, he’s up there with the Jobs and Zuckerbergs of our time.

With much popularity comes much controversy and criticism we all know this. But this is a good thing for getting to know Elon, I found a good amount of interviews and had the chance to observe his mannerisms, body language – just about anything to decipher his personality type.

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Drew Barrymore Personality Type – ENFP

Drew Barrymore Personality Type - ENFP
Drew Barrymore ENFP Personality Type


Drew Barrymore, cute, lovable – she’s a classic in my book. Come on, “E.T” and “Firestarter” are a few of my faves! You will have to go back in time for those, otherwise you may be more familiar with “50 First Dates” or “The Wedding Singer”.

First what the sources say. I’ve seen ISFP, INFP, ESFP and ENFP. Definitely a “P”, perceiver – it’s obvious in how naturally animated she is. You can almost find movements and every part of her face, it’s so free, kind, and I’ll say it again – cute and adorable?

I don’t think she is an ISFP, INFP or an ESFP. Drew Barrymore is an ENFP and I’ll tell you why. ISFP’s are a bit more calculated with expression, INFP’s simply don’t have the energy Drew has – watch her interviews. Drew is like a bubble gum machine with every flavor you can think of. An ESFP is a good guess but her head and eye movements have intuition written all over it.

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Donald Trump Personality Type – ESTP

Donald Trump Personality Type - ESTP
Donald Trump ESTP Personality Type


Yes, I have decided to write a post on Donald Trump. I’ve been around since the 80’s and to really get a good typing on anyone you’ve got to spend a good bit of time with them. For celebrities and big names out there we can’t exactly do that – so we instead watch history unfold over time. See, you have to go back in time, personality typing is a dynamic process. It isn’t a static snapshot.

For all you leftists out there don’t get butt hurt about this post, I’ll cover Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on another post so stay tuned for that. It’ll be interesting coverage.

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Beyonce Knowles Personality Type – ESFP

Beyonce Knowles Personality Type - ESFP
Beyonce Knowles ESFP Personality Type


When I think of Beyonce Knowles, I think of “All the single ladies, all the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies.” While you may be cringing at how corny that intro was, I’m actually highlighting Beyonce’s lyrical delivery more than just mere repetition of words. It’s tough to separate that familiar Beyonce tone (a sexy one I might add) with certain lyrics – they’re solid, simple statements and they cut to the core. It’s true that ESFP’s are commonly known as Entertainers but let’s remember that when they do, they have a message to send.

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Keanu Reeves Personality Type – ISFP

Keanu Reeves Personality Type - ISFP
Keanu Reeves ISFP Personality Type


Keanu Reeves doesn’t need an intro, we all know Keanu from blockbuster films “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and its sequel “Bill and Ted’s Bogus” Journey. He went on to continuing a starring a lead role in “The Matrix” and “John Wick“. 

At the time of this writing, rumored are continued sequels of “The Matrix 4” and “John Wick 4“.  Yeah I’m stoked, Keanu keeps the action rolling.

Keanu is a tough one to type. But let’s start with what we notice, he’s an introvert for sure. So we’ve got that covered. Now, is he an S (sensory) or an N (intuitive) user? A lot of online sources are split down the middle, I’m actually leaning more toward a sensory than an intuitive type.

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